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adding in new figure about time-flucutation of power;

added Qi reference (in introduction.tex as well)
completed microbenchmark.tex
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......@@ -447,3 +447,13 @@ month={Nov},}
publisher = {ACM},
author={X. Liu},
journal={IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine},
title={Qi Standard Wireless Power Transfer Technology Development Toward Spatial Freedom},
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ device. The widespread coverage of WiFi deployments makes this an
intriguing, orthogonal alternative for pervasive energy harvesting.
Wireless charging, itself, is not novel, but current solutions require
either close proximity (3-5cm) to the transmitting power source (e.g., the
Qi~\cite{XXX} standard used by modern high-end phones), or can only charge
Qi~\cite{liu2015} standard used by modern high-end phones), or can only charge
ultra-low power passive RFID tags~\cite{yeager2008} at longer ranges. More
recently, PoWiFi~\cite{talla2015powering} demonstrated the use of WiFi, using multiple channels simultaneously, to power an ultra-low
power wearable (with a temperature or camera sensor), with low duty cycles.
......@@ -89,8 +89,8 @@ utilizes WiFi harvesting to power an inertial sensor used in various
gesture-tracking applications. Such a wearable device, worn by a mobile
user, gives rise to two challenges: (i) the WiFi AP must be able to track
the wearable's changing location, without requiring constant active
transmissions from the wearable, and (ii) the power overhead of wearable
system, including the accelerometer, is XXX mW\am{Vu:pls. fill}--while low, this is still
transmissions from the wearable, and (ii) the peak power overhead of the wearable
system, including the accelerometer and the RF frontend, is over 40 mW-- while low, this is much
higher than the harvested power of 700-800$\mu$W to permit continuous
sensing. To tackle both these challenges, the wearable employs a simple
kinetic energy harvester-based trigger to first detect \emph{significant
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