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Being able to operate commodity wearable / IoT devices using just power
harvested from the environment has been an active area of research for many
years. Many solutions using various modalities such as light, kinetic
energy, and temperature gradients have been proposed. In this paper, we
propose an orthogonal approach that uses beamformed WiFi transmissions to
power a complete wearable device that has a CPU, an accelerometer sensor,
and a WiFi interface. Our solution, called \names, makes two main
contributions; 1) beamforming to significantly boost the energy that can be
harvested at a receiver located $\sim$3-4 meters away, and 2) smart event
triggering to allow the operation of devices that need more power than can
be instantaneously harvested. We provide extensive experimental validation,
using both careful measurement studies as well as a user study with human
participants, to show that \name can be used to power a high power wearable
device (consuming at least 40mW of power) that is reporting sensor data
periodically over a WiFi interface.
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