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......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ more than the required power for the wearable to work.
How increasing number of antennas changes the harested power
Theoretically, with a larger number of antennas, the transmission beam is thinner and more power can be delivered at the desired direction. However, one issue here is that if the beam is too thin and the AoA estimate is not accurate enough, the RF beam may be pointed at a direction deviated from the device's true location and thus the device may not be charged at all. So there is a tradeoff here. For this experiment, we want to show the potential of using many antennas, so we measure the harvested power at the harvester only (with 10kOhm resistive load). We place the harvester at 1m from the transmitter with the same height. We then run a program to scan for the maximum power it can harvest. The Figure \ref{fig:numberantenna} shows that with more antennas, the harvested energy increase more than the linear increasement.
\subsection{Beam Adaptation for More than One Devices}
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